Saturday, April 24, 2010


AC/DC has been around seemingly forever, and they are as popular now as they were back in their heyday in the 1980s.

This is a picture sleeve for their most recent hit "Runaway Train." This is a foreign issue.

And it once again proves that singles are still being released ... maybe not in the U.S.A., but they continue to be released around the world.

ACDC - Runaway Train.mp3
ACDC - War Machine.mp3


  1. Wow ! 45rpms, but not in America ? How Un-American ! Nice to see the sleeve, a real nice one !
    cassette ok
    from album mania group

  2. Yes, I was surprised to find this one. I bought it while on vacation in Orlando, Fla., going on two years ago, in the old Virgin record store that no longer exists there.

    It's great that this is the first sleeve I put up on this site, because it proves that vinyl is not dead; you just have to look for it.

    Vinyl is being rejuvenated here, but overseas, companies continue to put out vinyl 45s and LPs; maybe not at the same rate of years ago, but they still can be found.

    And yes, I hope to find more--and put them up when I find them!

  3. Hi Larry,
    Thanks for all the replies, sleeves and music.
    Another great morning to spend some time enjoying your collection. Somehow I would like to upload my record to you of The Greatest Moments in Sports (excerpt) side, since yours was a bit scratchy and thought you'd may like a better sounding one. Looks like the needle took a dig a long time ago and that swish sound stays permanent. I really like that 'GoGoGo!' and 'FightFightFight! segment in that recording.
    Do you upload directly from the turntable to a program of sort ? I'd have to find my record since I haven't played them in many years.
    Thanks for these rarely seen sleeves.
    (cassetteok) from Album Mania group.



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