Sunday, April 25, 2010

Band Aid

During an era when disparate acts got together seemingly on a daily basis to record charity singles, this particular record stands out, in my mind, as probably the best of the lot.

Featuring numerous British hitmakers of the time including Bob Geldof (the organizer of this event) and the Boomtown Rats, George Michael and the previously mentioned Bananarama, "Do They Know It's Christmas" was an international smash, reaching #13 in the U.S. around Christmastime in 1984.

Band Aid - Do They Know It's Christmas.mp3
Band Aid - Feed the World.mp3


  1. 45 or 12"? My wife had an original 12" copy until we decided we had to get rid of our wax collection.

  2. No, it's the actual 45. I never really collected 12-inch singles, less a couple like "Sweet Dreams Are Made of This" by the Eurythmics and "Wot" by someone I can't recall right now. I think I also have "That Was Then, This Is Now" by the Monkees on 12 inch. They weren't really my thing, I preferred the 45s.



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