Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Beach Boys

When I was a kid growing up in Queens, I couldn't get into the Beach Boys at all.

I guess this New York City lad couldn't get into the whole California music scene, with the surf, the cars, the beach and the sand. I just couldn't relate to it, and I couldn't relate to the music.

However, as an adult, I am fully into the Beach Boys and all of those things. I just wish that I would have bought their singles, at least, but I didn't, so even though I have many of their 45s, I only have one with a picture sleeve, and it's one of their later songs. I bought it because it evoked their earlier successes.

Maybe I will one day get lucky, find a couple of their early sleeves, and catch up on everything I missed way back when.

Beach Boys - Getcha Back.mp3

Beach Boys - Male Ego.mp3

1 comment:

  1. Hi Larry,
    That's the thing about music, you can somehow still catch up whenever you have time to listen.
    But at the time, you were listening to other sounds you could relate to then as now.



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