Saturday, June 5, 2010


Talking about a song coming out of left field to become a major hit, the Buoys' "Timothy" certainly fits the bill as one of the strangest songs ever to hit the Top 20.

Rupert Holmes wrote this song about people trapped in a mine, and what they supposedly did to keep themselves alive, and the subject matter turned off many stations--but enchanted the public--so a few different versions of this song exist. I know that one has tamer lyrics than the other, but whatever, the song is lots of fun.

And this is one of my favorite picture sleeves of all time. The front isn't much to speak about, but you must read the back. Evidently, some girl of school age had several questions to ask about this song, and she sent in a letter asking those questions. I don't know if this is a phony letter or not, but whatever the case, this is one of the few instances where the back of the picture sleeve is better than the front.

Buoys - Timothy.mp3
Buckinghams - Can We Talk About It.mp3

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