Saturday, June 5, 2010


Coming out of Chicago in 1966, the Buckinghams helped shaped the city's rock image. Their mix of rock, punk, garage and soul was extremely influential, and laid the groundwork for several area bands that followed them onto the national stage, including the Cryan Shames and the New Colony Six.

Their use of a horn section also and some of their more experimental album tracks certainly opened the door for the band Chicago to establish itself as the city's most popular rock export.

Years later, in 1985, the surviving members of the band regrouped, and released "Veronica," which pretty much followed the then-current new wave genre. It's certainly not as good as "Susan," but it has its merits.

Today, the Buckinghams, with two original members, are popular on the oldies circuit.

Buckinghams - Veronica.mp3
Buoys - It Feels Good.mp3

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