Friday, June 11, 2010

Eric Burdon and War

Eric Burdon and Animals had a great run, with many hits with both Burdon as lead singer and as frontman with keyboardist Alan Price leading the band. But as the 1960s were petering out, Burdon was looking for a new challenge, and that challenge was leading a predominately minority band.

This California-based rock/jazz/soul outfit, led by Lee Oskar, had numerous hits after Burdon left early on, but this remains one of their best. It reached No. 3 in 1970.
Eric Burdon and War - Spill the Wine.mp3
Eric Burdon and War - Magic Mountain.mp3


  1. There are about 4 songs that I have vague memories of from my childhood and "Spill the wine" is one of them. I think it's the rich detail to the music combined with the descriptive lyrics that make this stand out. The other songs were "Dock of the Bay", "Immigrant Song" and "Riders on the Storm".

  2. "Spill the Wine" is a great song. I know what you mean about these songs. They resonate inside of you forever.



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